A Guide to Vintage Shalimar Perfume

There are a few scents so famous, so cherished, thus tremendous in their effect that they require little clarification. Shalimar Perfume might be at the head of that rundown. Vintage Shalimar Perfume, in any case, requires a great deal of clarification with regards to  picking the correct one for you, particularly in case you’re attempting to remain inside a financial plan. 

I would like to make some of it less confusing for you and to give you a couple of pointers.

Yet I likewise need to honor vintage Shalimar in its unadulterated perfume structure. Practically we all know about the fundamental significance of Shalimar’s olfactory organization. However the perfume or extrait is excellent. The Marly Horse bottles specifically. The last set off such a frenzy and fixation in me throughout the most recent couple of months. Lighted a level of energy that a couple of scents — vintage or something else — have coordinated over the most recent 20 years. Not significantly different types of vintage Shalimar. I’d prefer to bring you down the hare gap with me in this post and its resulting Parts II and III. 

Vintage Virgin:

On the off chance that you are a “vintage virgin,” as one of my companions as of late put it. Here are a great deal of elements having an effect on everything in making sense of where to begin with regards to Shalimar. Not exclusively are there many fixations — every one of which has somewhat various subtleties and olfactory centers . Yet, making matters significantly more muddled, there are contrasts in aroma over the decades. So dating a jug of vintage Shalimar can have a generous effect.

For instance:

A long term old eau de toilette may wind up being more extravagant, more profound, smokier, and additionally more ambered than a long term old vintage eau de parfum. Quite a bit of it is the unavoidable aftereffect of an aroma decreasing and getting more adjusted. Focused throughout the long term, particularly once the lighter citrusy top notes dissipate. However a small some portion of it is because of a minor reformulation of the notes, in any event, for the vintage ones. 

 Indeed, even once you’ve chosen which convergence of vintage Shalimar you need to purchase. Exploring eBay with its huge number of contributions can be a phenomenally overwhelming undertaking. Suppose you realize you need to attempt the unadulterated perfume or extrait. You need it to be as old as you can bear. From individual experience. I can disclose to you that that doesn’t improve matters by any stretch of the imagination. Simply opens up a fantastically specialized universe of little known . Some of the time tiny contrasts including the width of container stems, name wording, box plans, group codes, corrosive drawing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Fortunately, there are various assets accessible that help you to explore this minefield, that I utilized myself. That I truly suggest. I’m not really a specialist in dating vintage Shalimar, yet they are. It might all appear to be exceptionally overwhelming from the start yet once you get the substance of the essentials. It turns out to be a lot simpler and you can (nearly) whip through the thumbnail photographs on eBay to excuse the ones that don’t accommodate your boundaries so as to zero in on the modest bunch that you’d prefer to investigate further. 

This may seem like far, decidedly an excessive amount of work for a few — and they would have an unequivocal point — yet I genuinely accept that vintage Shalimar merits all of it when you locate the correct container and, regardless of anything else, on the off chance that you center around the unadulterated perfume fixation in its truly matured structure. Dissimilar to so numerous different aromas, I imagine that the perfume just improves as it gets more established, transforming into a magnum opus with not many equivalents.

Indeed, I’m not being hyperbolic when I state that I’ve smelt nothing as great, as bewildering, faltering, happiness initiating, and, truly, I will say it, nearly orgasmic as a container of 1950s (I think) Marly Horse Shalimar perfume in the rushed velvet box that my mom purchased a couple of months prior. The aroma’s shading a dull mahogany shading as opposed to the fine, shined cognac tones of my containers, the fluid  thick to such an extent that it was nearly as sweet as molasses, and the fragrance… the aroma… I don’t know if I have the words to really portray it, yet it resembled a medication. 

 Vintage Shalimar perfume, likely 1960s, in 2 oz Baccarat gem bottle with its Marly Horse velvet box. Photograph: my own. 

 I’ve attempted a great deal of vintage Shalimar previously and since, in all focuses and from over the decades — regardless of whether 1980s EDP and eau de toilettes, the past 1970s Shalimar extrait that I possessed, or the ensuing Marly Horse extraits from the 1960s (maybe one being from the 1950s) that I purchased for myself — however nothing has ever been very similar to my mom’s jug. Some catalytic enchantment appears to have happened, some groundbreaking blend of variables past the fundamental recipe or simple clarification. I’ve smelt nothing very like it and, for me, everything pales before it, including my dearest vintage Opium. 

More :

 While the correct jug of vintage Shalimar perfume can be a totally supernatural encounter, vintage Shalimar still weaves a mysterious spell. Still bears incredible excellence regardless of whether you don’t get the most established jug or the most extravagant focus. That magnificence over the sorts or years is one that the new, current, reformulated, IFRA/EU-consistent. Ostensibly butchered variants will never coordinate, as I would see it. Never. Not in a million years. 

 Indeed, I’d contend that the completely repulsive tragedy of current Shalimar joined with the pervasiveness of the many. Numerous aromas that have displayed themselves on Shalimar have made the vast majority of us . Me included — overlook the sheer wonderfulness and transcendence of the first in its vintage structure, and especially in perfume focus. There so numerous Shalimar clones out there, countless numbers redundancies of its well known holds back. The first has lost its effect. So it’s anything but difficult to shrug or excuse the idea of exhausting exertion in chasing it out on eBay.


By and by, and in all openness, I don’t think the more fragile or lighter convergences of vintage Shalimar (like the EDT). Merit a nitty gritty, tedious and costly manhunt except if you see a truly old container going at a decent cost (in light of the fact that the age has such a tremendous effect!), however the vintage extrait, that is an alternate story.

I believe it’s extraordinary, in all decades, pre-1980s. In any case, a ridiculously old 55, 60, or long term old Marly Horse bottle… dear God above, there are no words. It merits all of cerebral pain instigating peering at eBay photographs, all of persistence to discover one at a value that doesn’t bust your wallet. All of dissatisfaction and ground teeth at the ones that sneaked away, when it’s at last in your grasp. It merits all of everything!