Flowerbomb Perfume Review

Flowerbomb Perfume Perfume by Viktor & Rolf, When the first fragrance was introduced, it became a moment trade book. From its unique fragrance to irreverent name and packaging women loved it very much. The acute version in 2006 as a edition. This release is more arousing and oriental than the first and formed by ace perfumers Olivier Poleg and  also Carlos Benaim . The fragrance opens with the freshness of bergamot and heady jasmine.

The guts consist of Osman thus, white flowers like gardenia and tuberose. The bottom consists of patchouli, amber, vanilla and benzoin. All products are 100% original and authentic name brands. We don’t sell fake or counterfeit products.


  • Cheap
  • If you will compare the price of Flowerbomb Perfume and other brands then the Flowerbomb perfume is cheaper yet on the market.
  • Easy to buy online or shops
  • All you need is to do search the dealers and then place your order.
  • Choose the Strength of the Scent
  • There are different strengths to the scent of potpourri depending on how you made use of the perfume. Since preference is significant to enjoy as the smell and the available online tutorials on how to tweak the smell of your scented incense. Could help you get the best relaxing aroma in your home.


  • Hard to Replicate the Smell
  • The smell of the perfume is precise, according to the set standards of the company.
  • Costly

Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsing of the Viktor and Rolf mark presented their first fragrance in 2005 which they called Flowerbomb Perfume. Like other style creators, these two have their battles and stories that have added to what and whom they have become now. 

Them two conceived in the year 1969 and concentrated in a similar school at a Dutch workmanship institute. From their strange methodology and style in making and creating dresses through giving all around inspired ideas and engaging design shows. This is the thing that has stamped them out in the style domain. More to it, on the other hand demonstrating their assortments, they likewise welcomed eminent specialists and artists to perform at specific shows. 

In 2005, the Flowerbomb Perfume was created and started in the realm of style and scent fabricating. This empowered them to grow their kind of scent procedure and showcasing in the creator style realm. At the point when it was delivered, it turned into a moment achievement and made more interest to clients. It has gotten one of the most saleable ladies’ scents any place and at whatever point it is sold. 

Why numerous clients go for Viktor and Rolf Flower-bomb aroma.

The Flower-bomb perfume has another adaptation that was delivered a year after it was at first dispatched. The Flower-bomb Extreme was acquainted with the market in 2006 as the Extreme adaptation is a more grounded and more serious aroma than the first fragrance. 


The scent’s jug style and planned looking like an explosive and its architect design house portrayed as a multi-faceted precious stone. The aroma additionally comes in various versions with EAU de toilette shower, EAU de perfume splash, and EAU de perfume sprinkle little.