White Diamonds Perfume

White diamonds a Perfect perfume for Perfume Lovers

Made by : Carlos Benaïm 
Date : 1991 
Classification : Glamorous white botanical 
Focus : eau de toilette

It’s confused to consider White Diamonds, to speak to the entertainer. All things considered, which Liz would we say we are discussing? The ingenue of National Velvet? The blustery, liquor drenched temptress of Butterflied 8.
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The Senator’s significant other, discouraged and overweight? Or on the other hand the laid-back Mrs. Fortensky? 

I realized White Diamonds was well-known. Expected it earned its deals among drama watching, chain-smoking older women. It would smell of sharp aldehydes, modest white blossoms, and scouring liquor. Kid was I wrong. White Diamonds Eau de Toilette is a delicate white flower with clean feel. Spring-sweet and foamy new. Exemplary, its true. I’m snared. 

It appears to be insane, however when Perfumes International dispatched White Diamonds in the fall of 1991, it was the first run through a superstar had delivered a second female scent. Elizabeth Taylor Passion for Women (1987) and Passion for Men had just hit the market. Perfumes International kicked off something new when it presented White Diamonds. 

Beautifying agents business examiners were doubtful. How might White Diamonds toll against its greatest competitors for the Christmas season. Estée Lauder Spellbound and Calvin Klein Escape? It was more very good quality than Passion, yet could the market bear two aromas from Elizabeth Taylor?

Thomas Maloney, Vice President for Perfumes International was sure. He said of White Diamonds, “It will allure another buyer, young ladies matured 16 and ladies matured 55.”1 (Judging from the print promotions, two of which included Burt Reynolds and Kenny Rogers, they didn’t try to market to the 16-year old.) 
Burt Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Kenny Rogers for Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 

White Diamonds was a blockbuster. It rounded up $35 million that first fall, taking out the opposition in most markets 2 Some specialists credited White Diamond’s prosperity to Elizabeth Taylor’s in-store visits, and others referred to the numerous blessing sets accessible, incorporating the unique set with a tennis arm band and hoops for $250.3 

Me, I think it was simply the all inclusiveness of the scent that won. The sweepstakes that year and that keeps on gaining White Diamonds solid deals twenty years after the fact. Perfumer Carlos Benaïm created White Diamonds Perfume. It has top notes of lily and verdi (Italian for “greens”). A heart of rose, narcissus, jasmine, and tuberose; and a base of oak moss and sandalwood. 

White Diamonds Eau de Toilette goes on with an eruption of delicate, round aldehydes offering lift to a sweet. Tidy musk appears ok away, as well, resembling an extravagant visitor cleanser. A trace of grimy container water shields the scent from smelling an excessive amount of like clothing cleanser.

Following fifteen minutes or so of warming on skin, White Diamonds Perfume subsides into calm to direct sillage. I don’t get much oakmoss or sandalwood by any means. The spotless musk and sweet blossom’s warrior on to the furthest limit of White Diamonds’ . Wear a few hours after the fact. 

Regularly When I’m wearing something to survey I’ll put it on for part of the day. At that point change to something different I’d rather be wearing. With White Diamonds, I wound up showering it on in the first part of the day. When I returned home from work, on the other hand before bed. It overpowered, demanded.

At the point when I proffered my scented lower arm to individuals for sniffing then I heard, I like it.

Like little dogs or frozen yogurt desserts, White Diamonds is anything but difficult to cherish. It’s spotless, easy, and blameless while as yet being only a little, antiquated. No, it doesn’t bust apart the scent world with its exceptional interpretation of aroma. It’s not boldly attractive or freakily intriguing. It’s downright simple. Sweet, new, and clean. 

So what does this have to do with Elizabeth Taylor? I think the one quality that joins the diverse Liz’s during that time is a strong expectation. Her capacity to get herself after disaster and plunge forward. Believing things would be better whenever. White Diamonds Perfume mirrors that sturdy honesty. 

Each time Elizabeth Taylor wedded, she figured this would be it. This would be the man who was sufficient, right enough for her. She put her cash and superstar behind the battle against HIV during the 1980s. But numerous peoples disregarded what they considered the “gay” ailment. It’s difficult to see today what a courageous position that was.

Throughout the long term, she suffocated her mistake in liquor and pills and food. Yet reemerged to stay the course, that intended to her at that point. 


Regardless of Whether it was the cognizant plan of the perfumers, Taylor’s information, or an accident of promoting. Lot of us feel in our lives.

No, it is anything but a delivered aroma (despite the fact that I’d love to smell it with top-notch fixings). I’ve been cherishing it, and I’ve requested a major container of the EAU DE Toilette. For showering my sheets and myself when life gets me down. 

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is accessible on the web and at drug stores and retail foundations. The EAU DE Toilette can get for under $15 for 30 ml. On the off chance that you’ve attempted the Eau de Perfume or Perfume, it would be ideal if you let us know how it analyzes the Eau de Toi Perfume.